AUCW8 Leak #6: Brother Mouzone as The Flaming Lips (9/27/14)

Hold Your Head, in their An Under Cover Weekend debut, Brother Mouzone aim to bring Christmas On Mars to The Firebird as they become The Flaming Lips for AUCW8 Night 2, on September 27th, 2014.


Brother Mouzone - Photo by Jason Stoff

Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate, Unconsciously Screamin’, “God Walks Among Us Now! Oh My Pregnant Head. I got that Begs And Achin.” Do You Realize?? how big Brother Mouzone is going to Turn It On on September 27th?

Please help me in welcoming Brother Mouzone to the AUCW family by downloading their AUCW Asset pack below, checking out their fantastic EP, ‘We Sound Like Drugs‘, and of course by joining us on September 27th. Tune in tomorrow as we reveal Hidden Lakes secret identity!

Download Brother Mouzone’s official AUCW8 Photo, Facebook Avatar and Facebook Cover Photo

Brother Mouzone - We Sound Like Drugs

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Posted by Mike Tomko on August 18, 2014