AUCW6 Is One Week Away + UNcovered Mixtape + 5-Part Mini-Docudrama

AUCW Slate - Photo by Bryan Sutter

AUCW Slate - Photo by Bryan Sutter

Holy crap, can you even believe it? An Under Cover Weekend 6 is just 7 days away!! And with that, we wanted to give you a little update on what to expect from the coming week and how you can best prepare for the madness.

First, if you haven’t entered yourself into the big AUCW6 ticket giveaway, what is wrong with you?

Second, we released a collaborative mixtape yesterday with the fine folks over at I Went To A Show and it is an unbelievable way to get yourself acquainted with the amazing cast of AUCW6. Here’s what IWTAS a show has to say about it:

“The IWTAS+AUCW UNcovered Mix Tape was a joy to write about and is a joy to behold. The whole point of An Under Cover Weekend – aside from 2 nights of total fun and abandon – is to introduce talented local musicians to a wider audience in the city, or to showcase a different side of one’s favorite St. Louis band. With the mix tape, each of the 10 artists featured got the chance to contribute one excellent track of their choice, as a way to introduce their actual musical personas to audiences before they morph into their idols. At IWTAS, live music is what we do. And without fail, AUCW is one [two] of the best nights of live music in the city every year.”
– Jess Luther, I Went To A Show

Third, last week we alluded to the 5-part Mini-Docudrama that we produced with the extraordinary help of Allison Babka, Kevin FitzGerald, and David Treadway. Well, this thing is days away from being a reality and starting Monday we will be posting a video a day leading up to the show(s). Expect to hear from the organizers, the photographers, bands past and present, and die-hard AUCW fans about all facets of An Under Cover Weekend. This is truly a dream come true for us!

And with that, we suggest that you take the next week to get yourself acquainted with these ten amazing local bands (if you weren’t already), to get yourself reacquainted with these ten amazing famous bands, to sit back and watch some awesome videos, and to get your dancing shoes ready for next Friday and Saturday, because our name is AUCW and we like to party.

See you soon!

Posted by Mike Tomko on August 31, 2012