AUCW11 Leak #6: Ramona Deflowered as The Offspring (8/25/17)

In their return to AUCW, Ramona Deflowered will give you Something to Believe In with their take on The Offspring for AUCW11 Night Two: The 90’s, on August 25th, 2017 at Delmar Hall. : Dustin Davis

Why Don’t You Get A Job? It’ll Be a Long Time before it’s Time to Relax. Have You Ever Gone Away, So Alone? Way Down the Line we might have to Pay the Man.

The Kids Aren’t Alright. I Choose to Leave It Behind at The End of the Line; Gotta Get Away. Me & My Old Lady will Smash it up and Change the World. Come Out and Play!

All I Want is that Nitro (Youth Energy). No Brakes, Feelings; Amazed just Staring at the Sun. Welcome, Self Esteem. Don’t Pick It Up until Intermission.

Please help me to Welcome Ramona Deflowered back to the AUCW stage by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on August 25th. Get your tickets now, as they will sell out!

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Posted by Mike Tomko on June 19, 2017