AUCW11 Leak #13: Aida Ade as Erykah Badu (8/26/17)

In her AUCW debut, Aida Ade will bring you Back in the Day to A.D. 2000 with her take on the Master Teacher, Erykah Badu, for AUCW11 Night Three: The 00’s, on August 26th, 2017 at Delmar Hall. : Dustin Davis

On & On …And On, to the Next Lifetime. Out My Mind, Just In Time; Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long. Fall In Love (Your Funeral).

Umm Hmm, Tyrone, Didn’t Cha Know? I Certainly (Flipped It) to Other Side of the Game.

Honey, take A Window Seat for the Love of My Life Worldwide. I Want You, Drama. My Life, Love, You Loving Me.

Kiss Me On My Neck, under the Orange Moon. Find your 4 Leaf Clover under the Appletree. Time’s a Wastin’.

Please help me in welcoming Aida Ade to the AUCW family by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on August 26th. Get your tickets now, as they will sell out!

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The East Loop (Delmar Blvd, east of Skinker) has seen tremendous development over the last few decades and is currently a nightlife hotspot, featuring The Pageant, Delmar Hall, Moonrise Hotel, and Pin-Up Bowl, as well as a culinary destination, featuring Tavolo V, Pi Pizza, and Piccione Pastry, etc. Standing as a key link between the Delmar Loop and East Delmar/ DeBaliviere districts, the vision for further redevelopment of the East Loop incorporates plans for new retail, residential, transit, cultural, and public realm improvements.

Posted by Mike Tomko on June 28, 2017