AUCW11 Leak #10: Fivefold as Third Eye Blind (8/25/17)

In their Good for You AUCW debut, Fivefold will help you say farewell to the The Red Summer Sun of 1000 Julys with their take on Third Eye Blind for AUCW11 Night Two: The 90’s, on August 25th, 2017 at Delmar Hall. : Jess Luther

I Want You to Graduate. How’s It Going To Be, Losing a Whole Year? A Wounded, Semi-Charmed Life? An Ode to Maybe, 10 Days Late?

I’d Never Let You Go. If Anything, Deep Inside of You the God of Wine will make the Burning Man Camouflage Farther into Darkness.

Like a Jumper in London, Slow Motion in The BackgroundThanks a Lot, Narcolepsy.

Please help me in welcoming Fivefold to the AUCW family by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on August 25th. Get your tickets now, as they will sell out!

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Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl, the world famous record store that originally started out in 1979 as a farmer’s market stand that sold used vinyl records and grew over the years into a 7,000 square foot haven for music lovers of all types, has been a beloved staple of the Delmar Loop for nearly 40 years.

Posted by Mike Tomko on June 23, 2017