AUCW11 Leak #1: Tenement Ruth as Stevie Nicks (8/24/17)

Stand Back, in their long-awaited return to AUCW, Tenement Ruth will align all of the Planets of the Universe with their take on Stevie Nicks‘ epic songbook for AUCW11 Night One: The 80’s, on August 24th, 2017 at Delmar Hall. : Dustin Davis

You see, Leather and Lace, Rooms On Fire, everyone on the Edge of SeventeenStop Draggin’ My Heart Around you Sorcerer. Talk To Me, you Gold Dust Woman, for I have the Crystal and I’m going to conjure a Landslide to crush your Secret Love.

If You Ever Did Believe in Rock and RollAfter the Glitter Fades on August 24th, I Can’t Wait to see If Anyone Falls In Love.

Please help me in welcoming Tenement Ruth back to the AUCW stage by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on August 24th. Get your tickets now, as they will sell out!

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Mission Taco / Blueprint Coffee

The intersection of Delmar and Eastgate is a hopping midway point for the Delmar Loop that houses such stalwarts as Mission Taco (an AUCW11 sponsor) and Blueprint Coffee, as well as other beloved establishments like Thai Pizza and the Thai Country Cafe, Blick Art Materials, United Provisions, and the Peacock Diner.

Posted by Mike Tomko on June 11, 2017