#AUCW10 Night Three Video Preview By Matt Champion

Thanks to Matt Champion for this wonderful guest post!

Night Three. The last night of An Under Cover Weekend. The sweet goodnight, the swan song, the last waltz until next year. What surprises are in store for us? Let’s see what the Magic Eight Ball has to say.

Ramona Deflowered as Joan Jett (7:40pm – 8:10pm)

Ramona Deflowered will kick off Night Three, playing the songs of Joan Jett. Originally a member of the Runaways, Joan Jett made a name for herself by kicking every ass within range of her boots with her unapologetic lyrics and hard hitting rock and roll. Ramona Deflowered was mined from the same vein of ‘fuck you, don’t care’ ore, playing hard and not apologizing for doing so. Joan Jett is no stranger to covers herself, as seen in her recreation of the Doors classic “Love Me Two Times”.

Steven Deeds as Pink Floyd (8:30pm – 9:00pm)

Indie folkster Steven Deeds picked a lofty goal, choosing to cover the songs of Pink Floyd for his AUCW set. I’m a long time Floyd fan, and the lack of description has me intrigued. Will this be early Floyd before Syd Barrett went off his nut? “Animals” era Floyd when they were at each other’s throats? A condensation of “The Wall” into his appointed 30 minute time slot? All I know is that given Steven Deeds’ penchant for creating lush soundscapes, we’ll be in for something in the Floyd realm of existence for sure. Now for something completely different, here’s Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and Tom Jones covering the Prince classic “Purple Rain”.

Miss Molly Simms as Social Distortion (9:20pm – 9:50pm)

Vocal and guitar powerhouse Miss Molly Simms will be tearing us all a new one with her rendition of the songs of Social Distortion. Social D is one of those bands that blew away the ‘shitty punk band’ myth with solid songwriting and precise musicianship. Those are traits that Molly shares with them, and fortunately, the rest of us as well. To prove that point, here’s a video of Miss Simms covering the Animals’ classic ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

Old Souls Revival as The Hives (10:10pm – 10:40pm)

Old Souls Revival will be giving up their usual Indie Southern Rock to pick up the bombastic Swedish garage rock of the Hives. “Veni Vidi Vicious” is one of my favorite albums, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with their selection. If you want to see what kind of work OSR has cut out for them, check out the Hives doing a medley of covers ranging from Saul Williams and Outkast to the Hellacopters and the White Stripes.

The 45 as Stone Temple Pilots (11:00pm – 11:30pm)

Revisiting a band covered in a past Under Cover Weekend, the 45 will be transforming into Stone Temple Pilots for their set. Although the 45’s usual sound is a bit more on the modern alternative side, you can hear the early 90’s/STP influence in their original tunes. Although I enjoy authenticity, I do hope that singer Baines Johnson can keep himself clean and out of jail so we don’t end up with a Talk Show set. If worse comes to worse, we could probably track down Better Than Ezra. As seen above, they know a Deleo song or two.

Blackwater ’64 as Nirvana (11:50pm – 12:20pm)

Blackwater 64 is back again this year to close out the Weekend with their tribute to Nirvana. If you attended last year, you know that Blackwater 64 brought their A game as Lynyrd Skynyrd. I expect that this year will be no different, unless they decide to cover Nirvana’s famous protest on British TV. Much like BW64, the Polyphonic Spree make a grand display out of Nirvana tunes. Let’s see how big these guys bring it.

AUCW10 Night Three – October 1st, 2016 at The Firebird

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Posted by Mike Tomko on October 1, 2016