AUCW10 Leak #8: Giant Monsters On The Horizon as Gary Numan (9/30/16)

In their return to AUCW, Giant Monsters On The Horizon and their Replicas will have you Praying to the Aliens with their take on Gary Numan‘s Music for Chameleons for AUCW10 Night 2, on September 30th, 2016 – Presented by ex’Treme Institute by Nelly.

Giant Monsters On The Horizon

Giant Monsters On The Horizon

Noise Noise.

Listen to the Sirens… This is our Dominion Day, Everything Comes Down to This! Are Friends Electric? This is the Random point where you discover who in your life is willing to say, “I Die: You Die“, and who will say, “Me! I Disconnect from You” and let you take The Fall.

Giant Metal Cars are racing down the Airlane towards M.E., leaving deep Tracks in their wake. I look down at My Shadow in Vain, only to realize that I Am Dust, robbed of everything Pure and full of Love Hurt Bleed.

In the distance, the Complex appears Dark, like a Dead Heaven ready to absorb the towns below in Absolution, as if We Are Glass waiting to be broken. We Are So Fragile.

I’m an Agent of The Aircrash Bureau; an Observer of This Wreckage. I Dream of Wires not covered in The 1930’s Rust. The Joy Circuit, if you will.

Telekon, You Are in My Vision, like a Photograph of every Conversation. Please Push No More War Games my way. This Is My House and We Take Mystery (To Bed).

Please help me in welcoming Giant Monsters On The Horizon back to the AUCW stage by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on September 30th. Get your tickets now, they will sell out! And, tune in tomorrow as we reveal Prune‘s secret identity.

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Posted by Mike Tomko on August 9, 2016