AUCW10 Leak #18: Blackwater ’64 as Nirvana (10/1/16)

Come As You Are, for in their return to AUCW, Blackwater ’64 will be fully In Bloom with their take on Nirvana for AUCW10 Night 3, on October 1st, 2016 – Presented by ex’Treme Institute by Nelly.

Blackwater '64 as Nirvana

Blackwater '64

From the way that she Blew you off at School, to the Scoff at the Swap Meet, to the way that she always responds to your Love Buzz with “Stay Away“, it would be Dumb to think that you are On A Plain with her. But, there’s still something so great About A Girl who Smells Like Teen Spirit.

And, even though your hands are covered in Paper Cuts from making her a Heart-Shaped Box and even though her rejections Drain You completely, it’s hard not to believe that you have a Sliver of a chance and that you can Milk It.

Polly, the Hairspray Queen, who thinks that you’re Very Ape, wouldn’t even share some Mexican Seafood with you. And, her ex, the Negative Creep, is about to have an Aneurysm over the Territorial Pissings about who you are trying to Breed with.

But, You Know You’re Right! Something In The Way that All Apologies are Endless, Nameless, you just know that Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle.

Please help me in welcoming Blackwater ’64 back to the AUCW stage by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on October 1st. Get your tickets now, they will sell out! And, tune in tomorrow as we recap the incredible lineup for Night Three!

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Posted by Mike Tomko on August 20, 2016