AUCW10 Leak #14: Steven Deeds as Pink Floyd (10/1/16)

In his AUCW debut, Steven Deeds has High Hopes that he will have you Lost for Words with his take on Pink Floyd for AUCW10 Night 3, on October 1st, 2016 – Presented by ex’Treme Institute by Nelly.

Steven Deeds as Pink Floyd

Steven Deeds

Hey You. Is There Anybody Out There? Fearless, The Dogs of War are On the Run and Coming Back to LifeRun Like Hell!

Money, Time, Young LustThe Happiest Days of Our Lives. Though, the Summer of ’68 represents Childhood’s End.

Mother, Comfortably Numb On the Turning Away, encouraging me to Breathe (In the Air) as I’m Learning to Fly for The Great Gig In the Sky.

Father, always telling me that I have Brain Damage. Just Keep Talking about how one day he’ll let me Have a Cigar, but One of These Days he’ll Take It Back. One Slip with him and it will be the Final Cut.

I barely see him In The Flesh. It’s like, “Goodbye Blue Sky, The Show Must Go On.” Nobody Home to Speak to Me about The Thin Ice that I walk. Wish You Were Here, dad, but we’re Poles Apart.

Welcome to the Machine, Fat Old Sun. The Eclipse of Us and Them can be Any Colour You Like.

Please help me in welcoming Steven Deeds to the AUCW family by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on October 1st. Get your tickets now, they will sell out! And, tune in tomorrow as we reveal Miss Molly Simms‘ secret identity.

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Posted by Mike Tomko on August 16, 2016