AUCW10 Leak #10: Shotgun Abby as Bad Company (9/30/16)

How About That… In their AUCW debut, Shotgun Abby will have make you Feel Like Makin’ Love with their take on Bad Company for AUCW10 Night 2, on September 30th, 2016 – Presented by ex’Treme Institute by Nelly.

Shotgun Abby as Bad Company

Shotgun Abby

Movin’ On like a Shooting Star flying Crazy Circles above Electricland. Gone, Gone, Gone across a Burnin’ Sky. Fade Away to Silver, Blue & Gold.

Run With the Pack. Walk Through Fire. If You Needed Somebody, Bad Company can oblige.

Can’t Get Enough of this Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy. Live for the Music. Rock Steady. Honey Child, there can’t be No Smoke Without a Fire.

Please help me in welcoming Shotgun Abby to the AUCW family by telling all of your friends and of course by joining us on September 30th. Get your tickets now, they will sell out! And, tune in tomorrow as we reveal The Free Years‘ secret identity.

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Posted by Mike Tomko on August 11, 2016