About AUCW


  • What: An Under Cover Weekend, or AUCW for short, is an annual concert series that features original local bands, not cover bands, performing secret tribute sets.
  • Who: 5 original local bands per night.
  • Where: The Firebird (2706 Olive Street, Saint Louis, MO 63103)
  • When: 2-4 nights, annually. In 2015, AUCW will take place on September 25th and 26th.
  • Why: We hope that those in attendance will discover their new favorite local band by identifying and bonding with them over who they pay tribute to.


  1. We organize the nights based on what makes for the best possible show. Preference goes to what combination of 5 bands makes for the best night possible in both bill and local draw. (Years 1-4 were done by invite only. In 2011 we decided to open up AUCW to public submissions through our website.)
  2. The artist chosen by each band must be a “popular” artist. Basically, think of a band with radio hits and not that obscure Norwegian band from the sixties that your Dad really liked but no one knows who they are. Bands are asked to submit their first and second choices.
  3. Bands chosen to play AUCW should prepare a 30 minute set and it should be awesome.
  4. As far as the way that covers go, we only have one rule regarding how a band can play. They must either decide to cover the artist faithfully, note for note, or cover them as if they had written those songs. Basically, we just want bands to make the commitment to not mix and match within their set. (i.e. playing B-Sides in a weird “interpretive” way but playing the big radio hit straight up.)
  5. This is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE of the bunch… The bands that are going to be covered is, and must remain, a SECRET to the general public. The AUCW team leaks out the secrets of who everyone is paying tribute to in different ways each year. This is very imperative to the success of AUCW.
  6. We ask that the bands playing AUCW blackout their schedules locally for 3 weeks on either side of the event. This is a somewhat flexible rule, but we like to see all of the bands working to promote this event, as it will certainly be one of the biggest events of the year. With the amount of effort that it takes both to organize and to prepare to play the event, it is in every band’s best interest to not hinder their draw for AUCW by playing too many local shows in the weeks surrounding the event.

"Currently buying three local artists' records, thanks to AUCW linking to Bandcamp pages. WAY TO MAKE ME POORER, GEEZ."

-Jason Stoff